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Human Trafficking: Texas has the 2nd largest market of offenders

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

According to_____, Texas has become the 2nd largest market for human trafficking behind California. What is human trafficking?

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Well it's not humans sitting in traffic on a highway, nor is a laughing matter. Human trafficking is a modern day slavery where humans are coerced provide labor or sexual entertainment at little to no pay. Many of the victims of human trafficking are immigrants and refugees whose citizenships are being held as ransom. How could this be happening you say? Well its right under your nose as the quiet neighbor, distance student in class, or ____. It is difficult to spot because they do not wear chains yet they are spiritually and mentally in bondage.The victims of HT are giving little to no freedom and have accepted this as a way of life because they believe their current circumstances are a vast improvement compared to their former lives. According to______Majority of HT victims are women and children.


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